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Lets get festive!


We've been open for just over 2 months now, and it feels like 2 years has passed since we last sent an update.

In that two and a half months, we have met thousands of coffee-enthusiastic Edmontonians and felt a lot of love from the respective communities we serve. Thanks! It has made the adventure a whole lot sweeter!

We've had the chance to work in support of the Up + DT FestivalFood For LifeMystery Science SalonThe Sampler Cafe and the Boyle Street Community Centre. This has been really amazing, because we've been able to take our work out to the people and establish ourselves as a contributing member of the community. 

We now have regulars, a beautiful caffe full of art, music, conversation and connection, and a roasting schedule that's working itself out to include the needs of ALL of downtown Edmonton's coffee lovers. If you're pushing a cart, or driving a Maserati (or maybe somewhere in between), we're your roasters.

Thank you for helping us get established. We're a small business that is 100% independent, and we don't owe anything to anyone but YOU. This means that we serve our community first, and it's why we need to keep finding ways to be of value to the people around us. 

Stay tuned for new coffees on the shelf and if you are buying gifts for yourself or the other coffee lovers in your crew, get them here, or at another independent coffee shop. We love selling bags of our freshest roasts. It gets us up in the morning.

Ryan Mick